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I always tell people that choosing a celebrant is a very important part of the wedding planning process but hearing it from me is not half as powerful as hearing it from one of my couples. So, I decided to ask Amy if she would share with you the process she went through in selecting me as a celebrant and reflecting on it afterwards, what her overall thoughts were.

I asked Amy some questions and she gave me wonderful, insightful answers – thanks, Amy!

When you decided to get married, how high on your list was finding a celebrant?

Finding a celebrant was one of the first things we did, at the same time as deciding on a venue. I feel that choosing your celebrant is one of the key foundations for your day, not something you can or should leave until last minute.

When you decided to start looking for a celebrant, how did you do this?

I can’t actually remember now how I found you. I know I used Google, and the easy weddings website showed up, but I also read posts on Facebook where people were talking about celebrants and linking their pages. I just can’t recall exactly what path took me to you. I think you came up on a google search and I had looked at your website and later saw people mentioning you, so with positive mentions from other locals, I made contact.

What traits were you looking for in a celebrant?

Someone with a bubbly and fun personality who would not have any judgement towards us. We didn’t want someone who would be like a drone on the day, we wanted someone who would create a fun atmosphere and bring some light-hearted humour into it.

What made you choose me?

The day we had our meet and greet, we were able to feel at ease and we could see that you were a good fit for us. You joked, and we could see that you had an understanding and inclusive personality. Helping to reinforce that we made the right decision was seeing that you popped a note in our wishing well, after the ceremony. We felt at all times that you genuinely cared about us and wanted to make sure our day went well.

What did you like about the way we worked together to prepare your ceremony?

You were patient yet pushy. I know that sounds contradictory, however, you were patient as we worked on our own vows while keeping us on track for our timeline so that we didn’t fall behind. You gave us reminders at a good enough time that we weren’t rushed in the last minute, there were no ‘writing the vows the night before the wedding’, like I’ve heard some other couples have done.

What did you like about the way I presented the ceremony?

I liked that you included my children and helped make it fun for them, and having the family certificate was an amazing way for the kids to see that it wasn’t just us becoming husband and wife, but that we were all becoming a family. I also really appreciated the way you ensured that my parents were honoured and respected through reinforcing their reserved seats with their memorial photo. I am thankful that you reminded guests that the seats were reserved in their honour.

What do you think I could change/improve upon?

Probably the only thing that I can see, looking back on, was that we didn’t get a photo just with you. Having said that, that’s as much on us and the photographer to remember this and the unexpected heatwave on the day meant that a few photos were unfortunately forgotten.

Any tips for couples choosing a celebrant?

Look around at a few, make sure you read their web pages and independent reviews (such as in FB forums). So many celebrants have different styles and their personalities really show through on the day. Remember, they run the ceremony and they are your ONLY essential service for the day, so you need someone who you are comfortable with, without them, there is no wedding. Don’t choose a mismatched celebrant just because Uncle Bob said he knows them, choose someone who you are comfortable with and confident in.

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