Have I talked to you about wedding rings?

by | May 13, 2020 | Wedding planning

Some people have them, some don’t. Some get the silicone ones, some get the tattooed versions. Some have very expensive rings – some don’t. Some people’s husbands (namely mine) wore theirs once 17 years ago and never again.

Exchanging wedding rings during a marriage ceremony is one ritual that has continued over time. Beautiful words are usually shared as each party gives and accepts the gift of a ring as a symbol of their commitment to the marriage.

However, one thing is for certain, if you are having rings at your ceremony, you don’t want to lose them.

At one of my weddings, the couple’s handsome one year old somehow managed to open the little wooden ring box and toss them gaily into the air! At another, one ring box was carefully carried down the aisle and delivered to the best man to hold but when opened – only had one ring inside. Some people’s husbands have the biggest hands I have ever seen!

But all of this has led me to develop ‘Roxanne’s Rules’ – now, these aren’t set in stone but are the general guidelines and advice I offer to my couples:

  1.  I prefer the rings in one box only – I need to juggle them whilst holding a microphone and an iPad and it’s just not cool to be the one to drop them!
  2.  I like to see the rings before the ceremony – as in, make sure the correct number of rings are present so that we don’t have to borrow Uncle Albert’s ring…
  3. I’m happy for kids to carry the rings down the aisle but I prefer them to receive them at the start of the aisle and hand them over at the end of the aisle
  4. A box of some description is much easier than a cushion – knots are hard to undo when you have full hands

There are lots of things we can do with rings. Your Mums or Grandmas can be the ones to bring them forward. We can bless the rings through a hand fasting ceremony. Your puppy dog can deliver. We can warm the rings – by passing them from guest to guest (usually only if you have a small ceremony). 

And my last piece of advice about rings – is – long and slow – take your time, admire the ring as the gift you are giving your beloved. Look at their hands and see the gift they are to you. The slower you go, the more likely your photographer is to get a beautiful photo of those wedding rings sealing the deal.

When I write your beautiful wedding ceremony, I make sure I know how, or if, you want to include rings.

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