Including a lost loved one in your wedding ceremony

As I have learnt very much the hard way this year, losing someone you love takes your breath and a piece of your heart away that is never returned. Whilst I have always been committed to helping my couples acknowledge their missing loved ones, I find it makes their ceremony even more emotional for me now.

There are so many ways to do this. At our wedding nearly 17 years ago, we didn’t mention my Father in Law during the ceremony, but instead of a gift for the guests, on their behalf and in memory of “Dad”, we had made a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

I have had couples place Mum’s favourite flower on the signing table (a sunflower of course) and had Brides hang beautiful little photo charms off their bouquets (similar to these).

On Heron Island, we acknowledged Tiana’s Dad verbally and through a photo of him and his two girls on that very island – we felt his spirit with us. Recently we had a photo of both of Amy’s parents. We placed this photo in the front pew right at the edge of the aisle and they proudly watched on from there and from heaven – I cried.

When thinking about acknowledging your lost loved ones don’t be limited by what you think is the ‘done’ thing – let’s talk about them, their life and how we can make sure their presence is felt.

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