Having a wedding rehearsal is important!

Sometimes it isn’t possible to have a wedding rehearsal and sometimes the couple may not realise just how important a rehearsal is.

“Practicing getting married” as I like to call it – allows us to:

  • first and foremost sign the last round of paperwork before the wedding to make it legal (kind of helpful)
- iron out any final questions on the script, timing and music 🎶
  • for me to meet the bridal party or the children of the party 👰 👰 🤵 🤵
  • to have a final check on what colours the bridal party are wearing so I don’t match or clash 😬

The list goes on…

If your wedding location is less than a 100km round trip from my home the rehearsal is included at no extra fee. If your venue is further afield, we can conduct one at a location in Rockhampton or I can attend with a travel fee. 🚗

Communication is key to making your ceremony perfect! 👌

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