Hot Weather – things to plan for

I want to have a conversation with you about the HOT weather.
As the hosts of your wedding, I need to ask you to please develop a hot weather plan as we head into summer.

In the last few months – ok – even in winter – it has been hot and sunny and many guests have not wanted to move out of the shade and congregate in the sunny ceremony area.

A hot weather plan doesn’t just include offering cold water at the ceremony (which is a great idea and please keep it on your list), but it is about letting your guests know prior to the ceremony that it will be in the sun.

Encourage them to wear sunscreen and bring a hat, a little hand fan or an umbrella. Do you remember that photo recently of two of my groomsmen putting sunscreen on each other?

Maybe plan your ceremony for late afternoon. The heat can be pretty brutal at 3 pm!
One of my couples who have many older guests have had that discussion with me and made the ceremony later so that Nana didn’t pass out in the heat of a mid-November wedding.

Even popping the guests’ chairs slightly further apart to allow the breeze to circulate may help with the heat.

There are lots of articles on this topic so it is worth a conversation with your trusty celebrant to brainstorm exactly how we can make your guests comfortable.

Let’s talk about it!

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